The Omaha GLBT Sports league offers two season of Volleyball. One season, Fall Volleyball, runs for 12 weeks starting in August and ending in November. The second season, Winter Volleyball, also 12 weeks starting February and runs until May. 12 weeks of play is broken down into 10 weeks of seasonal play and two weeks of single elimination tournaments. We offer 4 leagues; A, BB, B, and social.

League are Described below.

Social: A fun and recreational league where teams aren't so organized and structured.  Only the most egregarious rules violations are called.
B1 Level: All teams attempt to use 3 contacts (bump, set, spike) on almost every offensive possession.  Teams are starting to begin to learn
the rules of the game as well as working on their ball control.  Individuals who have never played volleyball before, but are looking
to play at a more competitive level should start in this league.
B Level: Teams are now very comfortable using 3 contacts (bump, set. spike) on almost every offensive possession.   Teams may start to have 
dedicated setters and hitters while they learn the rules/positioning of the game.  Players are learning how to transition 
back and forth between offense and defense. At least one player on the team should be well versed in the rules (and basic strategies) of volleyball.
Players may start to specialize in their position of being a setter or hitter.  Individuals in this league should be able to serve over the net 
almost all the time and consistently pass free balls over to their setter.
BB Level: Teams should be extremely comfortable running some form of perimeter defense.  Players now have specialized roles in being a hitter
or setter.  Setters should be able to set the ball with little to no spin upon release.  Hitters should be able to consistently hit 
the ball in a downwards motion.  Teams may start to run a 5-1 or 6-2 offense and practicing set plays.
(Intermediate to NAGVA B Level)
A Level: All teams run a 5-1 or 6-2 offense.  Teams have specialized positions (Setter, Pin Hitters, Middles, etc.) and unforced
errors should be extremely rare.  Play is very polished and (in general) offensive tempo is quicker than what it is in BB.  This is the
most competitive level of play offered by the league. (NAGVA BB or Better)

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For more information on volleyball please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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2017 Fall Volleyball Standings

B League

Played Wins Lost
1 Darion W. 8 8 0
2 Ryan F. 8 7 1
3 Chris G. 8 7 1
4 Nick S. 8 6 2
5 Nat P. 8 5 3
6 Jason G. 8 4 4
7 Ryan E. 8 3 5
8 Brett R. 8 3 5
9 Karen K. 8 2 6
10 Brian F. 8 2 6
11 Jennifer J. 8 1 7

BB League

Played Wins Lost
1 Dwayne C. 8 7 1
2 Jorge A. 8 7 1
3 Cole J. 8 7 1
4 David H. 8 5 3
5 Victor H. 8 5 3
6 Bart C. 8 5 3
7 Matt F. 8 4 4
8 Jay P. 8 4 4
9 Kyle H. 8 4 4
10 Bronson G. 8 4 4
11 Dan H. 8 3 5
12 Eric J. 8 3 5
13 Vince B. 8 3 5
14 Karl S. 8 3 5
15 Scott L. 8 1 7